Hackathon for students to have fun, learn and build amazing hacks. 250 attendees, 24H, 17 Sponsors, 6 Tracks and lots of fee swag.

GreatUniHack us a 24h Hackathon aiming to bring together students from all around the world. 6 tracks, 24 H, lots of fun and coding experiences. 

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£1,250 in prizes

Challenge: Cisco

£100 Amazon Vouchers

Challenge: AstraZeneca

50£ Amazon vouchers per team member

Challenge: American Express

Nintendo NES

Challenge: Morgan Stanley

Sphero Drones

Challenge: SkyScanner

SkyScanner secret prize

Challenge: Visa

Visa secret prize

Challenge: Daktari Mkononi

Smart watch

Track: Fintech

Track: Hardware

Track: Big Data and AI

Track: Health

Track: Onlie Collaboration

Track: General

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Everybody is eligible for the hackathon. The only requirements are:

(1)To be a student at any university in the world

(2)Be over 18 years old.


Show us your technology passion. Submit your project.


Company Sponsors

Company Sponsors

GUH Team

GUH Team

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
  • Implementation
  • Creativity
  • Innovation